The Dogecoin Boat

The Dogecoin Boat

I bought a fucking boat


Well technically I bought a used boat, with my dogecoin gains

I’ve been hodling my dogecoins basically since day one, and every time the value went up, instead of selling for profit, I BOUGHT MORE. And recently it’s been spiking hard, shooting to the moon at such a glorious rate of growth the likes of which we thought we’d never see (though we always hoped). A year ago 1 penny was still a pipe dream. Today its over 60 cents. Anyway I took a fraction of this weeks gains and bought a used boat. I bought a boat with some of my dogecoin gains! HOW COOL IS THAT? I mean, okay sure I’m making my Acura payments with my bitcoin gains but its hard to get excited about that, THIS IS A JOKE COIN AND IT GOT ME A FRICKIN’ BOAT

So I will be chronicling the journey in getting my fixer-upper seaworthy (freshwaterriverworthy) and going fishing on my meme boat.

FYI its a 1992 Bayliner 1952 and it only needs a little bit of love <3

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