I have a habit of building this website and then abandoning it.
Don't have time, have other websites to maintain, and they have purpose

Let me build my empire

Residential Skills
Plumbing, electrical, demolition, construction, auto mechanics (honda+)

Industrial Skills
High voltage electrical, heavy mechanics, welding, powertool repair
Forklift, crane, and scissorlift certified

I.T. Skills
Languages: HTML5, PHP, SQL, CSS3, JS, VBS, C, VB.NET, x86ASM, AtmelAVR
Suites: Adobe CS, MS Office, Unity, Android, 3D Studio
OS: Windows, OS X, *nix, VMWare ESXi

All done solo, written from scratch
Bianca Jacob
Red Wire Computers
Monarch Reptiles
Sab's Boas*
* Under Construction

Cars (just to brag)
Skills: Mechanics, electrical, alarm-starter, CANBUS
2005 Volvo S60 R Atacama (P2)
2001 Honda Accord EXV6 Coupe (CG2)
1990 Honda Accord EX (CB7)
1967 Chevy Impala 4DR HT
2006 Ford Freestyle SE (D3/Volvo P2)