Not really, the company I own was declared essential so I get to stay open in case of emergency calls. It’s been a fabulous few months doing my own thing while still collecting a severely reduced paycheck, but health is more important than anything, including spending time in the general population, which, lets face it, is fucked. This is as close to vacation as I’ve been in a long time, so fucking right I’m gonna take it easy. Easier, at least.


Well I’ve spent much time working on the Volvo, which continues to cost a literal fucking fortune. I spent months trying out different o-rings to fix the power steering leak, and nothing worked. It turns out the hardline was cracked and finally let go, dumping all of my fluid in about a second. Now I have to replace the hardlines, which requires a lift. Not about to do that in the driveway again.

What else, I replaced the bad spring seat on the front passenger side, so now the car is much more stable and no more squeak. The tires are fucked though, and since the light-weight rims are badly bent (because good old Quebec has the worst roads in North America including Mexico I assure you), I decided to park the car until lockdown relaxes enough to source new hardlines, wheels and tires. Might even do a manual swap, since I have access to a lift and I already have the transmission ready to go…

I sold my ATV for double what I put into it, so now there’s a surplus of cash in the ATV fund. Since the used ATV market is dogshit right now (counting on some good deals once CERB dries up HA), I’m going to put the money into the Honda, and get the BOOLMOBILE back on the road. I’ve been paying registration and insurance for YEARS just to have it rot in a corner, which is sad because the CG2 is a beast (2-door 3.0L V6, yes please), and money goes a LOT further on a honda than on a volvo, let me tell you. For example, I can get a new set of tires and wheels, and replace the pads and rotors, and replace the bad CV joint, and replace all the fluids, and fix the rust spots, and repair the A/C, for less than the price of a brake kit for the Volvo. The car will cost more to get back on the road than what I could sell it for (used 20-year-old hondas aren’t worth dick), so it definitely wont be flipped, but I will happily drive that car until it dies for good.

I’ve also been putting some time into the Impala, which is about as fucked now as it was when I got it 6 years ago, but now I have the body successfully lifted off the frame, so I can start welding in new metal.. someday.. eventually.. it’ll get done. Surprisingly, it’s a little easier and much cheaper to get parts for a 67 impala than it is to get parts for the volvo. My only gripe is that I scrapped a bunch of parts and sourced some upgrades, just in time for fucking Quebec to pass a law saying old restore cars must have all original parts to get plated. Fuck you, Quebec.

I have too many cars

Also fuck you Quebec

I might actually get a boat next

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