We have too many cars. Here they are in chronological order:

1995 Ford Windstar

This POS was given to me by a family member, who wanted to scrap it even though it still ran. I offered to take it, and fixed it up a little while getting my drivers license. By the time I got my license, the van was in good shape, but I had gotten something a little more me. This vehicle was eventually scrapped.


1990 Honda Accord EX

This car belonged to a friend of mine who was nice enough to let me have it for next to nothing. I spent a couple months rebuilding it from the ground up, painted it, and made it my daily driver for years. This car was my pride and joy. Carpooling with army buddies and lugging all our gear around, it never gave me any problems. None I couldn’t deal with anyway. It climbed a mountain on a rocky trail where other vehicles couldn’t pass. It dragged my brother and friends 4 hours up the highway and back several times in one week so we could see our favorite bands in concert. It got me to work on the coldest days and avoided countless accidents with its superior agility. This car still runs great to this day, though it’s no longer my daily driver.


1993 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

This was my brothers car for years. He upgraded and gave me his caprice, but I never drove it. I parked it somewhere and haven’t looked at it since. It can no longer be made road legal, but might feature in a destruction derby someday.


2006 Ford Freestyle

My mother was paranoid about me driving such an old car such long distances, even though I knew the car inside and out and was 100% confident I wouldn’t have a problem with it. She offered to sell me her Ford for the price she still owed on it, about 4 grand. It doesn’t hurt to have a backup car in good condition, so I took it. It has its share of problems but I keep it in check. It’s now my wifes daily driver. It has a towing package so we use it to haul stuff occasionally.


1967 Chevy Impala

The wife is a fan of the TV series Supernatural. One day she decided we will own that car. After spending some time online searching for one, we found a beat-up 4-door hardtop for sale. In Virginia. So we rented a truck and a trailer, and drove down to buy it. Its currently in restoration, though that is on pause while we dig up the backyard and build a garage in which to work.


2001 Honda CG2

This Accord Coupe EXv6 was purchased because the ford was out of service, and we both needed a vehicle to go to work and back. Purchased from a young kid who royally screwed the wiring attaching ebay junk to it, then wanted to dump the car on a chump for a quick buck. Little did he know I was an electrical genius, and rewired everything in a day. This beast is now my daily driver.


2005 Volvo S60-R

This is my new pride and joy. It belonged to my boss/good friend for its whole life, but has become somewhat of a burden with its nonsense computer-controlled-everything and minor-but-annoying problems associated with forcing too much technology into one vehicle. I love this car for its 500-checks-per-second active adjustable suspension, its 5-cyl turbocharged engine, its 5-speed geartronic transmission, and its atacama leather seats. I was never a fan of volvo, but the R series is a masterpiece. Due to its age and the extremely high cost of maintenance and parts, this car will be mainly for weekend driving.


My dream car, the car I hope to own someday, ideally by buying a busted up one and fixing it up myself is an early-model Honda/Acura NSX. YUMMY

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