I hate wordpress, and because of that, I hate my website. It would be much better if I wrote the whole thing from scratch, putting my skills in PHP, SQL, CSS3, HTML5, JS, and server management to good use. Among the websites I’ve already written from scratch for various people/companies (confidential). I’ve also started a new project:, to sort of centralize all my various subprojects and client projects in one place.

As of now, most of it is running from my home server, a PowerEdge 2900 with full power, data, and hardware redundancy. The remainder is being handled by my remote server at Arvixe. I will be rewriting this site, yet again, while also managing all my other projects.


Well I had abandoned this website a long time ago, and it’s a shame because it has a troubled history. The site used to be hosted on box 14 at 110MB, which was a free-ish host that had many paid features. The management sucked royal ass, and let their entire network go to shit, leaving my website, backups, databases, etc all in a suspended, inaccessible state. It took MONTHS just to log in and recover all my shit, and I still was missing the SQL database. I migrated everything I had over to godaddy, and eventually Arvixe, which is a great host that I can better afford now. My old website tragically will not work without the database, and knowing how much work is actually involved in rewriting everything from scratch, left it to rot. Recently the domain name expired, and was removed from my possession. I did get it back though, and decided it was time to start over. The old website basically only existed to show off my various projects, which were published on Those projects are still in a backup somewhere, among my hundreds of harddrives sitting in boxes in the basement. One day I might be able to find them! Until then, I’m starting anew, on a wordpress base, but heavily modified to my own liking. The site will continue to grow and change, as I surely will.

This site will mainly showcase my pets, cars, projects, and other nonsensical ramblings.