About Steve

If I could describe myself in three words, they would be mad, scientist, and pervert. Not necessarily in that order. I don’t like to toot my own horn, being somewhat of an introvert, but my life is very interesting. When I’m not fixing machinery (I found I have an unnatural ability to fix just about anything without knowing what it is or how it works, so I’m mainly making a living off this) or building websites or shooting/editing photos/videos for various clients, I can be found working on my many cars, or taking care of my many pets. There’s also the occasional boozing with friends, road trips for no reason, endless hours of video gaming, or things of the more sexual nature that need not be mentioned here.

My favorite TV shows and movies are usually the ones that can make me laugh. Virtually anything of the primetime animation variety such as anything by Matt Groening or Seth MacFarlane, but also Archer, and Rick and Morty. I also will watch That 70’s show, Fresh Prince, Stargate SG-1, and House from start to finish. Movies are tough, I like virtually all comedies including anything by Kevin Smith or Judd Apatow. On my hate list are the pretentious series such as Big Bang Theory (which I hate with a passion due to the muddied line between nerds and geeks) and anything involving vampires or castle-dwellers who can’t stop having sex with eachother.

My wife and I have a growing collection of snakes. To date we have 4 corn snakes, 5 ball pythons, and 1 boa constrictor. They are braindead easy to take care of compared to a cat (we have 2) or a rabbit (we have 1). Also theres a water dragon and a gecko. My pets will be showcased all over this site, I’m sure.

Video games are a great way to pass the time. I can’t afford to piss away time these days, but I still make a bit of time for my favorites when I can. I like to bother kids playing minecraft sometimes, by joining up and destroying their creations, else I’m playing my all time favorite game, Day of Defeat Source, on my favorite server, the Adult Gaming Gungame server. I play there so much I’ve become one of the regulars and usually kick the ass of whoever is unlucky enough to get in my way.

We have too many cars too. I have a Honda CB7 that still runs great, a 93 caprice about to be scrapped, a Honda CG2 for daily driving, a 2006 freestyle the wife uses to go to work, a 1967 impala being restored, and a 2005 s60r for cruising. Most of these vehicles will be showcased including their various mods and upgrades somewhere, sometime, on this site. I take pride in my possessions and experiences, being a hedonist in the truest sense really with the pleasure-seeking nature of our lives.. I’m proud of my Rush shirt that the trailer park boys signed, while I was wearing it, and I very much enjoyed seeing all my favorite bands like Rush, Rammstein, Iron Maiden etc a few times in the past few years, as well as my huge collection of technology including my stack of laptops that almost reaches the ceiling.

I might need a bigger house.

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